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Picture of our current Commander, Samantha Fordyce, AP

USPS Carquinez-Over Half a Century of Service

Commander Samantha Fordyce, AP

On September 16, 1961 Commander Jack Hough and fifty three charter members established the Carquinez Sail and Power Squadron. This fall it is our sad duty to disband the squadron and cease our service to the boating community.

Over the last decade we have been slowly decreasing our programs as our members turned their energies toward other activities. At this point our remaining active members have also come to the realization that we can no longer meet the requirements of the National Bylaws to fill the bridge and present at least one Basic Boating Course each year. Neither are we able to organize and offer a suitable program of other educational, safety or social events for our members. Times have changed and with it, our resources have dwindled and disappeared.

A special members meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, September 10th to vote on whether to continue the squadron. If the meeting goes as I suspect it will, the membership will vote to dissolve the squadron. Members will be asked to transfer to other squadrons and a proportional part of squadron funds will go to the new squadron. The Commander, Squadron Education Officer and Secretary/Treasurer will handle the administrative duties required by headquarters and the state in dissolving the squadron.

I encourage you join a nearby squadron and continue to participate in the educational and social opportunities the United States Power Squadrons offer. By doing so you will not only enrich your boating skills but help others in their quest for boating knowledge, contributing to the common goal of safe and fun boating.

Finally, I want to thank those of you who have contributed your time and expertise over the past half century. It was an honor and privilege to work with you. Your contributions have helped improve the knowledge and skills of hundreds of Northern California boaters.

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